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The Writing Life

May 3, 2004

This summer I'm going to try something new for me--presenting a writing workshop. Here's the skinny:

Monday, July 19, 7:30 p.m.
Writing for Life: Poetry, Journalism and Activism
This program is part of the "Why It's Great" writing workshop, July 19-23, at the World Fellowship Center in New Hampshire's White Mountains. (For further information: www.worldfellowship.org)

The invitation to present a writing workshop at a summer camp with a long progressive history sounded like an excellent way to share what I've learned as a writer and poet who gets spiritually recharged communing with nature.

If you haven't made vacation plans for this summer yet, consider spending a week in New Hampshire at a peace-oriented camp that features writers, poets, social activists, and loons on the lake.

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